About us

MICHAEL SCHICK IMMOBILIEN GmbH & Co. KG is a leading estate agency specialised in apartment buildings, residential complexes and the privatisation of individual apartments in Berlin. Our guiding business principles are founded on consistently representing the interests of our clients. We do not work on the basis of dual agency or multiple commissions. We support our clients in their property transactions with the utmost transparency and complete professionalism. 

Our corporate principles

As an investment broker we have a constant focus on market demands. All of our employees have completed comprehensive training, take part in continuous professional development and have extensive experience of the German real estate market. Our team includes real estate economists, lawyers and other property experts. We pride ourselves on the regular training we provide for our employees. Our staff routinely attends seminars and external training events, which means that we can provide you with the highest quality services.

In the event of a dispute between MICHAEL SCHICK IMMOBILIEN and a consumer, MICHAEL SCHICK IMMOBILIEN is required to submit a statement to the IVD Real Estate Ombudsman (Ombudsmann Immobilien). Furthermore, MICHAEL SCHICK IMMOBILIEN is committed to engage in the dispute resolution procedure constructively in order to achieve a resolution in the best interests of the consumer. Wolfgang Ball, former Chief Judge at Germany's Federal Court of Justice, has been IVD Real Estate Ombudsman (www.ombudsmann-immobilien.net) since 2015.

Each of our employees have taken on the sponsorship of a girl in Ghana. Sponsorships offered by Plan International Deutschland e.V. make it possible to improve conditions for children, and their families, in Africa, Asia and Latin America – by helping them to help themselves. 


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